Despite Their Age, New Kids on the Block Are Still Laughing Way to the Bank

Not many people would have thought that New Kids On The Block would still be making millions of dollars today. While many style of songs have changed since then, New Kids On The Block stayed relevant in the music industry. According to the reports by Billboard, the most recent tour of New Kids On The Block had a Total Package, which generated approximately $40 million in terms of revenue.

They wrapped up their tour in July 15th in Hollywood, which featured performances alongside veterans like Boyz II Men and acts Paula Abdul.

During the tour, they promised the fans that they would work hard before the end of the year to produce a single song as a token of appreciation for fans. In addition, their tour was marked by warm reception by fans while performing some of their songs of the late ’80s and early ’90s. While some people might people might argue that New Kids On The Block are too old, they are still making millions of dollars.

Recent Music Concert News Roundup

The previous period came with much exciting news when it comes to the domain of music tours. While many excellent concerts brought down their respective houses, arguably the biggest news came from those tours that failed to materialize either in part or on a bigger level. To keep up-to-date with all the relevant music concert news, here is the roundup of the most important happenings that recently took place.

Justin Bieber Provided an Explanation for Ending his Tour

Fans were decimated a few weeks back when Bieber, one of the biggest male pop stars on the planet, decided abruptly to end his Purpose World Tour with several venues left unvisited. At first, the management team provides scarce information on the reasons for this event, but ultimately, it was Bieber himself who decided to let his fans know what is going on. The 23-year-old explained in a heartfelt letter that he felt he must make his life more “sustainable” both in the private and professional sense. While most of the same letter was symbolic in its tone, it is clear that Bieber wants to give himself some room to get his life back in order. Purpose World must have been a hectic period and now all of his fans are hoping that the pop star will use the time to get himself back on whatever track he wants to be.

Kanye West Lawsuit Provides Potential Reason for his Dropped Tour

The meltdown Kanye West had during his tour at the end of 2016 is well-known and well-remembered. Initially, West blamed his bizarre behaviors on exhaustion from his fashion-design work and the fact he was away from his family so much. But, a new lawsuit is showing that his insurance company is trying to block any payments on the grounds of his use of marijuana. The company in question is Lloyd ’s of London which was used to provide insurance for the tour and their claim points to drugs, not stress of homesickness as the reason for West’s problems. As Yeezy tries to stay out of the media limelight, news like this makes any potential new tour less likely in the upcoming period.

Bruce Springsteen to Release 25 Concert Recordings

As one of the true legends of concert rock, Bruce Springsteen is famous for his killer shows. Now, the rock icon plans to release no less than 25 previously unheard recordings of his concerts that were taken across the globe. Some of these are supposed to be real gems that were only recently found in his archives. For any Springsteen fans, just one gig would be a huge deal, but more than two dozen concerts mean that for them, Christmas is coming early this year.

New Kids on the Block Tour Banks $40 Million

Decades are dividing the boy band New Kids on the Block from their biggest moment of fame, but the same cannot be said for their bank accounts. Their recent tour Total Package earned over $40 million for the band and their management companies. With a run-time of nine weeks and almost 50 concerts and visited cities in the US, the band really pulled their weight on this tour but also earned a hefty sum for their collective efforts.

Coldplay’s Incredible Light Show at a New York Concert

Over 50,000 thrilled fans watched and listened to one of the best Coldplay concerts in recent months. At the MetLife venue, the band’s visuals department outdid themselves with a display of lights and other elements that took many breaths away. The band was clearly excited about the good vibes they were getting from the audience, which is why most agree that the frontman Chris Martin also provided one of his most memorable performances on the Head Full of Dreams tour.