Best Online Places for Information About New Kids On The Block

New Kids On The Block, also known as NKOTB in fan circles, is a reputable boy band in Boston. Winning several awards in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the band has managed to sell a whopping 80 million records worldwide. Now, after more than 2 decades, the band has reunited and is poised to take over the world once more.

If you are here looking for places online that will give you information about New Kids On The Block, you have landed on the right place.

For starters, you can find tons of useful information on Wikipedia. With several albums released so far, this band has definitely left millions of fans satisfied. Their unique backstreet boys style have transformed them into living legends for millions of boys and girls back in the 1990. Their best album is undoubtedly Hangin’ Tough, while their song “You Got it” from the previously mentioned album ranks #1 in all tops.

Since coming back together in 2007, New Kids On The Block have hit the market hard with 10, The Block and Thankful albums. Of course, you can find all of this information and many more on the official site:

On the official site, you can also read the latest news, watch recent photos and join the Block Nation fan club. The Cruise event is still on, and you can sign up for the newsletter here.

It seems that their social media marketing plan is really good. New Kids On The Block have managed to get over 1 million likes on their official Facebook page, 144k followers on Twitter, 107k followers on Soundcloud and 27,000 subscribers on their official YouTube Channel. Even though they do not show up on Pitchfork, you can still find tons of info about their upcoming concerts on the official Facebook page and Twitter account.

When it comes to fan interaction, NKOTB are also exquisitely good. They post regularly on all of their social media accounts and update their fans on a regular basis. As for fan pages, there are dozens online. In addition to the select community on the site (you need to log in in order to have access to the community), you can access NKOTB News for the latest news,  Tumblr fan page and JustJarad for more glamorous info.

Find out more info about the 2017 New Kids On The Block tour here. If you are lucky enough to catch them on tour but you miss the merchant stand check for that nkotb t-shirt that got way. It’s almost always cheaper than getting one at the show anyways.