Despite Their Age, New Kids on the Block Are Still Laughing Way to the Bank

Not many people would have thought that New Kids On The Block would still be making millions of dollars today. While many style of songs have changed since then, New Kids On The Block stayed relevant in the music industry. According to the reports by Billboard, the most recent tour of New Kids On The Block had a Total Package, which generated approximately $40 million in terms of revenue.

They wrapped up their tour in July 15th in Hollywood, which featured performances alongside veterans like Boyz II Men and acts Paula Abdul.

During the tour, they promised the fans that they would work hard before the end of the year to produce a single song as a token of appreciation for fans. In addition, their tour was marked by warm reception by fans while performing some of their songs of the late ’80s and early ’90s. While some people might people might argue that New Kids On The Block are too old, they are still making millions of dollars.