Auto Salvage Verse Junk Cars in Ohio?

Most people have probably heard the term junk car and salvage car used in the same premise but there actually is a difference between the two. If you are planning to junk or maybe “salvage” your old broken down vehicle in a yard soon, read on below to know more about the terms used in the industry.

A white car ready for the auto salvage yardAn junk car is basically a vehicle that has a salvage title or in other words a rebuildable title. A salvage title is a type of title given to vehicles that was damaged to the point that insurers already took ownership. When an insurance company declares that the car is a “total loss” means that the cost to repair it is more expensive than the actual value of the car at present. Also if a vehicle was stolen and recovered, the insurers also may take ownership of that car and that also makes it a salvage car.

Limitations of Cars with Salvage or Junk Titles

People looking to purchase really cheap cars may be interested in auto salvage titles. However, these cars cannot be legally driven on public roads unless they have undergone repair and inspected by the state in which the title hails from. If they pass the inspection process, the title is then converted to a Rebuilt Title or Title with Salvage History and only then can the car be driven again on public roads. As a rule, the warranties in cars with rebuilt titles are null and voided by the vehicle maker.

What Is A Junk Car?

Junk cars stacked way up in a Ohio junkyardJunk cars on the other hand refer to vehicles that no longer have any value. The only value it has left is the scrap metal value as even the parts are no longer viable to use. The value of the junk car is most often calculated by its weight as the heavier ones tend to have more metal that can be recycled.

Selling Your Junk Car in Ohio At An Auto Salvage

Get some cash from you salvaged car

You can sell either your salvage car or junk car but the value for them is really dependent on their current state. Talk to a reputable junk car buyer like Max Cash For Junk Cars today to get the best quotes.